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Posted: 29th augustus 2017 by Bert in VMWare
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Recently i’ve migrated vcenter server 5.5.0U3 on windows to VCSA 6.5 M1.

During the upgrade i got the following message:

“vCenter CA certificate not verified. Stopping”

Then the installation stops.

After reading several things about this subject, and didn’t get any satisfactional answer,  I’ve started to experiment.

I’v pulled out my vmware workstation.

installed a domain controller with the info from the original site.

Then i’ve installed another server added this to the domain and installed vcenter 5.5.0 U3

i’ve started the migration. and no errors.

Next i’ve pulled all certificates from the c:\programdata\vmware folders and saved them to a usb stick.

with the usbstick i hand went back to the customer and placed then in the folders (before that i’ve made a copy of the certs.) as they where in on the original location.

Started the migration again. and be hold the migration is nolonger getting the message again and continues.

after the migration the VCSA works as it suppost to do without any errors

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